The Obligatory First Post

by Tim Lowrimore

Welcome to the new Coroutine blog

If you’ve been a long-term fan of Coroutine, you've most likely noticed the cobwebs collecting on the previous version of our blog (_and website_). Sadly, this is one of the harsh realities of running a lean software development business. While we’ve been working tirelessly to create first-class software for our clients, we’ve unfortunately neglected our own website and our audience. This has to change.

From here forward, we’re giving each member of the Coroutine team keys to the blog. We’re encouraging each member to create at least one new blog post per month. Some of us may wax poetic on the merits of functional over imperative programming, while others may simply provide a beautifully terse example of something they recently learned while solving a problem. Either way, we think you’ll enjoy the new Coroutine blog, and we hope to add value to our brand and to your experience, as much as we strive to add value for our clients.


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Tim Lowrimore

Tim began his love affair with computing in the mid-80's, when he received an Apple IIe for Christmas. Ever since that pivotal event, he's worked with a multitude of technologies to deliver world-class, mission-critical systems for startups and Fortune 100's alike. When he's not solving problems for clients, Tim can be found digging into machine learning algorithms, running the trails around Memphis, TN and Boulder, CO and enjoying life with his family.

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